Sovereign Masculine Membership

A Space for Men to Consciously Unite...

You've already got it. The mojo, the inner genius, the ability to move through life with a solid sense of your purpose. This is just an invitation for you to reclaim it and excel in the way to came here for.
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Man is the Electric Force of Consciousness

He penetrates the world, and makes his kingdom his reality. He is a protector of the community and offers clarity, direction and restores order. This is our birthright. Now is a time to do our work so that we can realize the abundance we have been granted and contribute meaningfully to a world that is in deep need of rightful action offered by the conscious masculine force.

When men gather for the sole purpose of embodying our role, the lies are aired our, we remember our purpose and find the inner strength that modern society keeps us perpetually striving for... 

Sovereign Masculine Membership Includes

* A timely and current monthly theme to consciously navigate uncertain times
* 2 monthly group ZOOM Calls to share and receive direct guidance, clarity and energetic support
* An interactive social community to inspire and build dreams together
* Weekly challenges, goals and aims to keep you engaged
* A practice of the month to help you to stay consciously aligned
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