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Trading Crypto Wisely

Feeling overwhelmed when crypto crashes? Wondering if it will ever recover and what can be done to make up losses? What if there was a way to profit regardless of whether crypto goes up or down? 

When we learn to trade cryptocurrency wisely, we can make gains in a bull, bear and sideways market, without having to risk everything. You don’t even have to sit in front of the computer all day: just 2-3 trades per month can be enough to earn steady profits!
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develop the mindset, inner game, and discipline to trade wisely!

In this Crypto Trading workshop, we will cover the basics and help you create a plan to master emotions, trade with discipline, and succeed.

This workshop is suitable for people who may be new to trading but have already some experience with cryptocurrencies.

Learn How to build & structure a trading portfolio

We will go over technical analysis, which is your edge for trading; as well as learn more about what trading signals & copy trading entail.

Understand the psychology of successful traders

Learn how to develop the mindset, inner game, and discipline to trade wisely - setting yourself up for success.

Explore Which exchanges are best suited for trading

Discover which exchanges are best to trade wisely, allowing you to make gains in a bull, bear and sideways market, with minimum risk.

follow trading signals from reputable traders with ease

Understand and follow a specific set of rules, making your trading experience less like gambling, with more upside than downside.



Testimonials from our students

"The course content did not let me down. I learned about opportunities in detail that I didn’t knew that were possible. Or I would never have believed in if somebody else would have told me. To eventually earn a passive income. To build wealth. To set something up so that I don’t have to spend the whole day behind the computer but having the time for other projects close to my heart. I felt freedom to explore the material at my own pace."

Maaike, 44
"I have been absolutely blown away by my experience in David Khan's Crypto Revolution 6 week class. I came in as a total beginner and now not only do I feel I have a solid baseline understanding of the crypto world but I am already making investments for my family's future and am excited about the prosperity that feels possible with my newfound knowledge and perspective."

Carla Wainwright, 50
British Columbia, Canada
"An amazing, profound yet non-cryptically presented crypto course! The combination of vast knowledge, holistic, heart-based view of the entire subject and palpable enthusiasm has made the journey a thrill for me.
The provided materials, so well prepared, are a great toolbox to return to whenever needed. What I've learned will serve as a solid foundation for all future ventures and adventures in alternative finance."

Andreas Uetz
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David Khan

Entrepreneur, Business Coach &
Online Instructor
David Khan has been an entrepreneur since 2010.  He has spent hundreds, if not, thousands of hours learning about Crypto and distilling this information into an approachable method for investing that minimizes risk and creates lasting success.

David regularly helps business clients learn about opportunities in Cryptocurrency by educating them on reliable investment strategies.
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