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The Comprehensive Tarot Reader Course

Your detailed guide to learning how to read Tarot and deeply understand its hidden meaning for a more conscious life.  SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY PRICE.
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Why Learn with us?

We offer an in-depth, interactive and comprehensive way to learn the tarot all in one place! 

Develop your intuition

We provide meditations and exercises to help you develop your intuition and become more clear in order to be a better Tarot Reader.

DetailED Approach

We go into 3 different ways to read the cards and also draw from numerology and astrology.  Don't miss our musical Major Arcana tale!

learn from others

Joining this course means you are part of a community of other Tarot students from around the world to read and learn from each other!

Our experience

You are learning from professional readers who intimately and truly understand the symbolic meaning behind the Tarot.
Are you ready to unlock your life with tarot?

join on this journey of self-realization

This course gives you a comprehensive guide to learning all about the deeper meaning of the Tarot and how to apply it to daily life.  It is full of ways to contemplate the ancient mysteries and practical exercises to develop your intuition!
Throughout this course you will discover:

  • The history of Tarot
  • The soul's journey through the Major Arcana
  • Understanding the meaning in each Tarot Card
  • How to select, prepare and maintain your Tarot deck
  • How astrology relates to Tarot
  • How to develop your intuition
  • Simple spreads to start reading Tarot now
  • How to use Tarot for decision making in life
  • A community of other Tarot readers!
  • How to read Tarot for others
  • A 167-page handbook with detailed explanations for each card
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"Having done the online beginners tarot course I feel much more confident and have a much deeper understanding of how to read and interpret Tarot and weave the cards and readings into my own coaching business. Extremely grateful and highly recommend!"

- Elle, Be The Change, 

"Thanks so much for your wonderful tarot course. It was fun and informative. You created a relaxed and friendly atmosphere enabling me to fully absorb your wisdom and knowledge. I would highly recommend anyone interested to learn more about tarot and intuition to sign up"

- Claire,
United Kingdom

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"Best decision I made signing up for the online beginners tarot course. I know it will be constantly expanding my awareness and the depth will be forever unveiling more hidden gems in the cards. Such an exciting journey tarot takes you on. Love it!"

- Saira,
United Kingdom

"I'm always surprised and excited discovering new parts of life and this course was such an expansion.. Yvonne embodies what she teaches and I'm left inspired to deepen my tarot journey."

- Paul, United Kingdom

"I have done both beginner and advanced Tarot courses with Yvonne and I am still continuing the learning with this beautiful and devoted Lady. The courses are well structured including both theoretical and practical materials all supported by presentations, videos, meditations, and homework exercises."
"Thanks so much for your amazing Tarot course. I really enjoyed the design and content and how many things we did cover. Also the way you explained things. Looking forward to doing more of your courses."

- Maria, United Kingdom

- Tina, 

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Course contents

David Khan &
YVonne Power

Professional Tarot Readers & Teachers
David has studied the Tarot since his early 20's in the context of the ancient mysteries and deep introspective self-work.

Yvonne is a professional Tarot reader and life-coach who regularly helps guide her clients and students to live their best life through the use of Tarot's wisdom.
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