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Advanced Tarot:
Reading For Others

Your detailed guide to learning how to read Tarot for others, as well as how to deeply understand Tarot's hidden meaning for a more conscious life.  
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Why Learn with us?

Learn how to use tarot to its full potential, not just on a personal level, but on a professional level too! Through  understanding the deeper esoteric meanings and symbolism within the tarot cards, you will discover how the tarot is also a guide which can be used to explore the secrets of the universe.

Master the advanced tarot spreads

Learn the most common traditional tarot spreads - that will give you deeper insights, as well as help you develop your tarot reading skills.

give remarkable readings to others

Learn the steps necessary to create the most helpful and insightful readings, whether its for people you know or  for future clients. 

Practice doing readings for real people

You will get to practice doing email readings for real people with real questions. Yvonne also includes templates she uses in her own tarot business.

Discover the tarot deck's deeper esoteric meaning

An emphasis will be placed on understanding tarot as a study of consciousness, including meditations and exercises to assist in developing your intuition.
Are you ready to unlock your true potential with tarot?

Evolve from a novice to an exceptional tarot reader! 

Are you ready to read more confidently for other people, as well as create beneficial readings that will help people move forward with clarity? In this Advanced Tarot Course you will learn the steps necessary to create remarkable readings for others, as we focus on developing your tarot skills, as well as provide you with a deeper understanding of how tarot can be used to make positive changes in the world!
Throughout this course you will:

  • Discover how to master the traditional tarot spreads, and when to bring them into your tarot readings.
  • Prepare yourself mentally, emotionally and spiritually so that you can give the most insightful readings.
  • Gain experience in professional face to face or video tarot reading, and email tarot reading.
  • Learn how to give the most beneficial & valuable readings in the areas of love and career.
  • Discover the type of tarot reader you are destined to be. 
  • Experience meditations that will help you become a better tarot reader.
  • Enter into a safe space to practice doing readings on real people so you can build up your confidence as a tarot reader. 
  • Learn how to set up & market your own tarot business.
  • Explore how the Major Arcana combined with the Kabbalistic Tree of Life is a guide to help you understand the different levels of consciousness and achieve self-mastery.

Course contents

YVonne Power

Spiritual Life Coach, Tarot Reader & Teacher
Yvonne’s mission is to teach people how to tap into their own inner oracle. She also coaches clients with the aid of the tarot cards and helps them discover their purpose and helps them overcome fears and blockages that are preventing them from reaching their true potential.
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