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Self Love Rituals made in Bali

A self love guide to nourish and water your soul. Experience empowerment, alignment, beauty and connection to gracefully flow and flourish through life.



A gift to you!

Water and nourish your soul with these beautiful self-love videos I created of morning rituals and practices that enhance your well-being.

These videos are infused with the magic and charm of Mother Bali. I was fortunate to have spent 2 incredible years working on the island and the one anchoring practice I still continue to do today is to connect with my inner being, through my body, heart, mind and spirit each and every morning. ​

When we start off our mornings connected to our inner being naturally we will have an abundant amount of life-force energy to carry us throughout our day. ​

Imagine starting your day feeling alive, free, expansive, joyful and connected. Imagine starting your day connected to your purpose and steadfast in your truth. 

This self-love guide will allow you to experience empowerment, alignment, beauty and connection to gracefully flow and flourish through life.

Celebrate all the magnificence of your unique essence and embrace yourself with the open arms of self-love and the wisdom of Spirit. 
vanessa holliday

vanessa holliday

Sound Therapist, Feminine Coach, Astrologer. 
An Intuitive Creatress at heart, weaving a tapestry of sound, vibration, feminine Spirit and sonically channeled voice.
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