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Practical Human Design - Module 1

This intensive and comprehensive course allows you to unlock the secrets of your own design and that of others. You were born with a unique combination of gifts, talents and learnings to make a difference in this world by fully expressing your authentic self. Throughout this course you’ll be familiarizing yourself with the key elements of the Human Design System so that you can fully understand your own design and that of your family and friends. Are you ready to reclaim your sovereignty?
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Discover how your being different is meant to make a difference in this world!

The five elemental codes of your Design are the main tools you need to “operate” as your true self.

Just within these codes your uniqueness will unfold. 

The only action you’ll be required to take, is to be ready to experiment with one or more of these elements.


We will take a detailed look at Body-graphs (your design visualized), where you can gain a deeper insight in how you are designed. You’ll also be able to look at the Body-graph of others and help them unlock the essential codes of their Design. 

Unbox an essential code for this time 

Through knowing and applying your inner authority, you can make decisions that aren’t based on fear or a desire “to be nice”. You'll learn how to make decisions that are correct for you, bringing you more joy, peace-of-mind and resilience.


Learn how your energy is designed to flow to ensure you are in the right environment with the right people for that moment in time. This allows you to achieve that which is most possible and correct for you with ease and grace. 


For each class (and code) you’ll have a printable pdf to help you reflect on your design. This greatly helps with the integration and application of what you’ll be learning about yourself.
Human Design: self-knowledge for these times

Unlock your Human Design chart and read charts for others

This course aims at teaching Human Design as a way of powerfully exploring greater self-knowledge.  It sets you up for a life lived based on living your true purpose. If this is the only course you’ll ever take, your life will have changed for the better!

Throughout this course you will discover:

  • The seven decision making strategies / authorities

  • The five types and corresponding strategies

  • Defined and undefined definition

  • How your energy flows 

  • The six lines of the profile

  • The way you express yourself

  • The function of the nine centers

  • Reading your own Bodygraph and that of others

What our learners say

I am so inspired by Human Design and the work that Lidewy is doing to get this knowledge out there. I thoroughly enjoyed the videos and working through the Guidebook, which both taught me so much, allowing me to take an in-depth look inward through understanding my chart. 

Micayla Dennis
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Lidewy Isings

Holistic Health Therapist, Business Design Mentor and Innovation Consultant. Li is certified in various coaching styles, including Human Design, Co-active, Holistic Health and Nutritional Coaching.
With a background in transpersonal counselling, nutritional sciences and traditional healing & lifestyle modalities, Li first "met" the Human Design System in 2001 and learned from many Human Design teachers. Li is in certification at the BG5 Business Institute, part of the official IHDS - International Human Design School.

Her gift is to see the unique qualities you were born with and from there co-create new personal and professional opportunities with you. Li aims to gently help you deconstruct that which doesn't serve you, clearing the way for living your own, unique design - with a focus on finding the way back to who you truly are. 
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