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Practical Human Design Module 2 - Living your Life Purpose

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This intensive is taught live and unlocks your unique Blueprint so that you can live the life you came here to live in this lifetime.

You were born with a unique combination of gifts, talents and learnings in this world, enabling you to fully express your authenticity, no matter what.

A key element to live your life on purpose in your Human Design chart is the Incarnation Cross, which is approximately 70% of your Core Essence.

By delving deep into your Essence and how this is expressed and supported in your design, you are reclaiming your life purpose and can start living and working in alignment with your True Calling, this unique Being who came here for the benefit of all beings.

Discover your True Self!

Through a process called “ideation” (DESIGN THINKING), you’ll be learning to decondition what you were  taught to be (your not-self) and become your "true self".

This is a powerful tool, helping you to tap into your inner knowing of who you are and how to express yourself authentically and in full alignment with your life purpose, the real "you".

Explore Your Incarnation Cross

We will take a detailed look at your Incarnation Cross, where you can gain a deeper insight on the overall theme of your purpose in this world and unlock the essential coding of your Design to fully express your Calling, the What, the How and possibly the Why you are alive in this pivotal lifetime.

Discover & learn about your public role

Learn how your energy is designed to flow to ensure you are in the right environment with the right people for that moment in time. This will provide you with deeper insight and understanding related to  how to manifest your purpose in the world in the most aligned way. 

Living your Unique Design

You’ll be guided to your Calling - your True Self, that part of you that knows, by asking your True Self the right questions and getting intuitive answers. These Insights are the basis of knowing how to live your life on Purpose. This iterative process can only be tapped into when you're allowing yourself to think out of the box, which is what "Design Thinking" is all about. 

Understand the influence of the planets in your design

Through knowing and applying the deeper significance of each of the planets, and their corresponding gates in your design, you can find a deeper support in navigating your life purpose. You'll learn how to make decisions that are correct for you, bringing you more joy and resilience.

Unlock your unique Calling, so that you can live the life you came here to live in this lifetime!

Practical Human Design Module 2 includes:

  • 7 Weeks of Live video classes on Zoom - One Class per week (the 7th class is Q&A)
  • Access to recordings of each class, with a lifetime membership to replay each class
  • An interactive form of learning, with practical exercises included
  • Worksheets for each week to use for practice and integration in between classes
  • A support group on Telegram and Facebook
  • A basic overview of how to read your own Human Design Chart.

    *Pre-requisite: You’re working with your own Human Design Chart and therefore need to be familiar with your basic Design.

Weekly live calls will be 75 minutes long
starting Date: May 2nd - Ending date: June 13th
 Calls will take place every Monday

4 pm - GMT
6 PM - CEsT
9 aM - PST
12 pm -  EST
5 PM - BST

To see the time in your timezone, Go here: https://dateful.com/eventlink/3120184672

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Lidewy Isings

Holistic Health Therapist, Business Design Mentor and Innovation Consultant. Lidewy is certified in various coaching styles, including Human Design, Co-active, Holistic Health and Nutritional Coaching.
With a background in transpersonal counselling, nutritional sciences and traditional healing & lifestyle modalities, Li first "met" the Human Design System in 2001 and learned from many Human Design teachers. Li is now certified at the BG5 Business Institute, part of the official IHDS - International Human Design School. Her gift is to see the unique qualities you were born with and from there co-create new personal and professional opportunities with you. Li aims to gently help you deconstruct that which doesn't serve you, clearing the way for living your own, unique design - with a focus on finding the way back to who you truly are. 
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