NaturePhonics - Cosmic Alignment

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Through a selection of artfully crafted soundscapes, released weekly over a seven-week Sound Immersion, NaturePhonics will take you on a heartfelt and soul-enriching journey through sound. Explore new ways to tap into your subconscious, evoke emotions left dormant within your body and connect with the rhythms of nature.

Each Soundscape has been imbued with rich melodies, channeled voice, natural elements and tones, as well as ancient planetary frequencies, offering a passage into the healing power of sound. Explore Earth, The Moon, Venus, Uranus and Neptune, and experience Cosmic Alignment as each track releases alongside intentional practices to help you integrate the healing benefits into your daily life.
7 Week Sound Immersion

Improve your Mental, Physical & emotional Health

Through the intentional use of these ancient sounds and planetary frequencies, this 7 Week Cosmic Immersion provides the means to strengthen both your physical body and your subtle energy body, creating a deep-felt sense of grounding and alignment. 

The tracks have been created to help with insomnia, creativity, deep relaxation, clearing patterns and charging up spaces ..and MORE!!!

Some Benefits You may experience by embarking on This Sound Journey:

Balanced brain activity and  nervous system function
The release of blocked energy from stress & trauma
Heightened awareness and improved intuitive abilities
Easeful flow with the cyclical rhythms of nature
Balance and restoration of your entire physical body
Attracting prosperity in different areas of your life

How to use the album


listen while you work, create or play

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nourish your plants

listen while you exercise 


wind down before you sleep

What's included?

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Live soundscape Performance 

Experience the healing power of sound in real time, with a LIVE  online sound journey performance from Vanessa Holliday and David Khan

5 Skillfully Crafted Soundscapes 

Receive a Soundscape each week, imbued with ancient sounds and planetary frequencies!

Access to a supportive community

Find guidance, support and connection by joining our Cosmic Alignment Online Community

Live integration call with vanessa & Community

Gain access to one Live Group Call check in session with Vanessa & community regarding the integration of your Soundscape Experiences

Weekly Content Released

Learn more about the Planetary Frequencies, discover Essential Oil pairings and delve inwards through weekly Journal Prompts!
"When we bring ourselves into alignment with nature we are also in alignment with life."

- Vanessa Holliday
“For what lies inside the human being is the whole COSMOS in condensed form. In our inner organism we have an image of the entire cosmos.”

- Rudolf Steiner

Choose Your Contribution!

This 7 Week Sound Immersion is offered by means of a gift economy.
This allows you to choose your own contribution based on the offering you feel is most resonant.

Try for free!

Receive & Download a Complimentary Soundscape ..and MORE!


  •  Free Download of the Earth Frequency Soundscape
  •  NaturePhonics Ebook Teaser
  •  Recommendations for Essential Oil Pairings with the Earth Frequency Soundscape
  •  Insights on the Benefits of using Soundscapes
  •  Journal Prompts for the Earth Frequency Soundscape

Gift Option 1

Full Access to the NaturePhonics 7 Week Sound Immersion!
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  •  Access to all 5 Downloadable Planetary Frequency Soundscapes
  •  NaturePhonics Ebook, exploring the 5 Planets frequencies and effects
  •  Recommendations for Essential Oil Pairings released weekly with each Soundscape
  •  Insights on the Benefits of using Soundscapes
  •  Weekly Journal Prompts for all 5 Soundscapes
  •  One Live Integration Session with Vanessa
  •  Access to our Cosmic Alignment Online Community

Gift Option 2

Full Access to the NaturePhonics 7 Week Sound Immersion!
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  •  Everything offered in Gift Option 1

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Gift Option 3

Full Access to the NaturePhonics 7 Week Sound Immersion!
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  •  Everything offered in Gift Option 1

This option allows you to provide a greater gift contribution


The power of sisterhood community, honouring, sharing and accountability, I have loved being connected through our weekly zoom check ins and what’s app group chat.

- Jemma Kenedy
I find Vanessa extremely supportive, and her light shines very bright! She held space for me to find my voice in very vulnerable areas of my life.

- Chrissy
I was guided beyond my edge and she provided me with rich theory that accompanied our experiential quest for the embodiment of sacred sound.

- Claire Morris

Vanessa Holliday

An Intuitive Creatress at heart, weaving a tapestry of sound, vibration, feminine Spirit and sonically channeled voice.
Vanessa spent 4 years training in Eurythmy - an ancient temple art that opened her up to embodying and cultivating her feminine energy through movement; for well-being and connection to Self. This led Vanessa to work as a Gong Master in Bali, channelling her voice every day, guiding ceremonies, rituals, voice activations, women’s circles and sound healing. She has created her courses online, in hopes of spreading that which has served her at the deepest level, on a global level!
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