Tired of relying on synthetic hormones and interventions for birth control? There is a more natural and empowered way…

Natural Contraception through Womb Wisdom

Learn the tried and tested Symptothermal Method that connects you with your womb, your body and partner like never before

  • Break free from relying on costly synthetic hormones that play havoc with mind and body, or prophylactics that dull your pleasure

  • Reclaim a fuller personal embodiment as you attune naturally to your womb wisdom and your partner

  • Discover greater eroticism, pleasure and freedom as you deepen your connection with your sexuality

  • Learn everything you need to know about Natural Family Planning in this practical and accessible online course


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Does Natural Family Planning really work?

For decades, we’ve been told that Natural Family Planning can’t be trusted – but we’ve only been given half the story. Outdated methods tend to rely on just one body indicator for birth control, which isn’t enough.

The Symptothermal Method is different. Developed and tested over decades, it uses two signals to deliver a comprehensive indicator of fertility you can trust.

Course instructors Martin and Marie Richtsfeld have been successfully using the Symptothermal Method for over nine years. Now, they have developed this course to bring this empowering and effective technique to others.
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Meet your instructors and find out more

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Why do I need a course to learn this technique?

You don’t – anyone can start using the Symptothermal Method. But there’s an element of complexity and calculation that can take time to grasp. This course has been designed to make things simple and easy to understand, so you can remove any guesswork, master the method quickly, and have fun along the way!


Experience more joy, connection and freedom in your body

Once you begin using the Symptothermal Method with your partner and connecting deeply with your womb, you can experience greater relaxation, and pleasure. Natural Contraception can open up a whole new dimension to lovemaking as it becomes a profound and joyful union of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine.

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How does the Symptothermal Method work?

Two body signals are used to define fertility, observing the temperature and cervix, or temperature and cervical mucus. In understanding these clear signals, you’re able to work in harmony with the body, either to avoid pregnancy, or to achieve it. It’s more than a technique, it’s a beautiful, connected way of being.

Everyone can benefit from this course!

If you are in a relationship, we encourage you to dive together into the Symptothermal Method. Make it a common effort to deepen the connection between each other. Of course, if you want to inform yourself as a single, either female or male, we love that you are here and take this opportunity to connect with your body and sexuality.



You learn the theory behind the Symptothermal Method, including:

  • What is natural contraception
  • The cycle
  • Problems with sanitary products
  • Natural Contraception methods and options
  • The Symptothermal Method: what it is and how it works

Then, the practice

You learn how to put the womb wisdom into practice.

  • Infertility at the cycle beginning: the 5 day and minus 8 day rule
  • The fertility phase: body symptoms and alternatives that allow you to still make love
  • Infertility after ovulation: rules and exceptions you need to know
  • How to track the cycle: tools you can use to keep things simple
PLUS, handouts, hands-on, short animations and "In a Nutshell" videos that make it easy to understand so you can start using the method with confidence!
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"In our Sacred Union, we support each other to live up to our highest potential." Martin and Marie Richtsfeld, first met when Martin was 22, and Marie was only 14 years old. For her, it was love at first sight. Immediately, she knew, “One day, this will be my husband.” Fast-forward six years, they met again and started dating. A couple for more than ten years and married for more than four, they live and dream together worldwide. A unity and bond they never imagined formed, a true Sacred Union. It connects them physically, emotionally, sexually and spiritually.
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