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Liberate your Voice & Womb

I believe our voices and wombs will change the world and ourselves when we fully step into them. The human voice carries the strongest transformation & healing power of any musical instrument. The womb holds our creative life force to bring forth life and our true purpose!


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24 August 


6 Weeks



step back and let your voice lead the way


Our voice is an inherent vehicle of expression. It's one of the most powerful instruments we have have. Through our voice, we have the power to restore and balance our body, mind, and emotions. Liberate Your Voice, is a method where we use our own voice to get in touch with and release unconscious blocks to love’s presence. Through sounding with our voices we experience vocal purifications and ways to set parts of the body into resonance for cleansing, purifying and re-balancing. 
In this 6 weeks LIBERATE YOUR VOICE online training we will cover: 

  • The Fundamentals of sound and discovering how sound shapes our entire existence. 

  • Clearing & releasing any outdated beliefs around your voice that are no longer serving you.

  • A sound and voice activation ritual/journey to activate, reclaim and free your voice.  A

  • Ancient practices such as breathing, toning and chanting to open, balance and align our energy centers in the body, by using the power of your own voice.

  • Various voice techniques to open and free your voice.

  • Freestyle voice improvisation and channeling.

  • How to sing In Light Language | Intuitive Singing | Channeling Music.

Vanessa Holliday

An Intuitive Creatress at heart, weaving a tapestry of sound, vibration, feminine Spirit and sonically channeled voice.
Vanessa was born under the mid-day Sun in the heart of Africa, Zimbabwe. Travelling all over Africa, Europe and India, she experimented with sound through mixed vinyl alongside many international acts.

On a spiritual search, Vanessa spent 4 years training in Eurythmy - an ancient temple art that opened her up to embodying and cultivating her feminine energy through movement; for well-being and connection to Self.

Vanessa has worked as a Gong Master in Bali, channelling her voice every day, guiding ceremonies, rituals, voice activations, women’s circles and sound healing. She has created her courses online, in hopes of spreading that which has served her at the deepest level, on a global level!

Course reviews

I just finished my three months with Vanessa's course of 'Embrace Her". I feel a lot more confident in myself and have really gotten to know and embrace my feminine side a lot more. I had no idea how much I was living in the toxic masculine. I find her extremely supportive, and her light shines very bright! She held space for me to find my voice in very vulnerable areas of my life. I feel like I learned so much during my time. I find her very inspirational, and she has been such a good role model for me. 
- Chrissy
The power of sisterhood community, honouring, sharing and accountability, I have loved being connected through our weekly zoom check ins and what’s app group chat. ​This empowering course has been put together well as a combination of feminine and spiritual content, rituals, with a variety of practices such as yoga, meditation, breath work, sacred ceremony, activations, mantra singing and lots of creative and fun playwork along the way. Vanessa is such a beautiful powerful women who has a wealth of knowledge and knowing around the feminine and spirituality.
Jemma Kenedy
Sunshine Coast, Australia
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