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How to setup and use a ledger hardware wallet

Do you own a Ledger, or want to buy one soon but don’t know how to set it up? Or have you already set up your ledger but want to learn how to connect to other DeFi wallets?

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secure your funds using a ledger hardware wallet

In this workshop, we will cover the basics and help you setup and use a Ledger wallet.

This workshop is suitable for beginners who never used a Ledger before but also for people who want to know how to connect their Ledger to other DeFi wallets. 

Get an overview of the types of wallets and how they work

This will give you a better understanding in the specific way a Ledger wallet works.  

setup and use your ledger wallet

Get an overview of the setup steps first and then follow along a real time setup of a Ledger with one of the participants.

Get a brief overview of hardware wallets

What are the most used hardware wallets out there and how much do they cost?

Learn the subtle differences between the Ledger Nano X and Nano S plus and know where you can buy them best.

connect your ledger to other defi wallets

Create a firm layer of security while navigating DeFi. We'll show you the exact steps in text and video on how to connect with Metamask, Phantom and Nimiq. Also what you can do when you have an Exodus wallet.
In this pre-recorded workshop we will guide you through every step. We will show how to set up a Ledger from one of the participants. We also added extra videos to show you how to connect your Ledger with other DeFi wallets.

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Alex jepson

Alex works with beginners who are starting out in their crypto journeys. He coaches people through navigating defi, developing an investor mindset, and helps beginners to execute on personalized strategies.

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MAaike deketele

Maaike loves to break down complex technical matters in a way that is intuitive and very easy to understand. Together with Alex, she has hosted many Q&A sessions and presentations for crypto beginners.
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