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Evolutionary Astrology - Level 1

A 12 Module comprehensive course to learn the fundamentals of evolutionary astrology at your own pace.  Unravel the mysteries of where we came from and what each person aspires to do in life.  
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An Initiation of 

This initial astrology course goes deep into looking at how the planets affect us based on the frequency we live our lives.  We will learn techniques for looking deep into where we have been to glean where our deepest passions want us to go. 

unlock your BIRTH CHART

Learn how to use online resources to draw up birth charts! We will learn astrology as we unlock the hidden secrets of our own natal chart!

DetailED Approach

This course is not pop astrology.  We cover the big existential themes and learn about the different stages of conscious evolution.

learn from others

Recordings of 10 live sessions, held in a group environment where participants learn from a professional astrologer, will be provided.  We also provide 2 Live Session Recordings of chart reading practice!

Our experience

You are learning from a professional astrologer who harmonizes the ancient lineage of astrology within a modern context. Notes and  slides will be provided to assist you in your learning.
Are you ready to unlock your life with astrology?

Unlock your chart
and read charts for others!

This course teaches you astrology as a way of powerfully exploring greater self-knowledge.  Each concept we explore will be directly applied to better understanding your own life.  This makes for an exciting and engaging learning environment. 

Throughout this course you will discover:

  • What astrology is, its history and how it relates to astronomy
  • Identifying the evolutionary stages of the soul and the desires/challenges for each stage. 
  • Understanding the meanings of the planets/signs
  • Learn about which planets are the most important in a given chart
  • A detailed look at the House system and how planets relate to one another
  • How to align career, family, relationships and one's heartfelt purpose by examining their birth chart
  • Glean information about past lives and challenges from the past that may form hidden obstacles today.
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David Khan 

Professional Astrologer, Tarot Reader, Akashic Records Instructor & Musician
David has studied astrology since his early 20's in the context of the ancient mysteries and deep introspective self-work.

He was always drawn to the deeper layers of using the planets and signs to understand the archetypal nature that underpins human consciousness.  

David also conducts sound/music research where he composes music therapy pieces to the frequencies of astrological phenomenon.
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