Empowering Women Financially 2.0

This workshop is for women who want to get a practical understanding of how decentralized crypto can help to get more in control of their own resources.

To have an alternative way to store money and to know how to make transactions from there.

Women who don’t want to spend the whole day behind the computer keeping an eye on charts but rather step into something that is hassle free and more secure!
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"Be your own bank - Feel empowered and prosperous while having more time to do what you love!"

How does that sound? Like most women, you've probably done a lot in your life. Taking care of your home, your family, learning how to cook healthier, studying a new language, job skills or starting that garden – all while juggling to bring in some form of income.

You may even be used to simply keeping things going no matter what. This depletes us and results in extreme fatigue and lack of motivation.  

A little bit of a new form of adaptation goes a long way. Even if financial matters are mostly likely not the first item on your bucket list, and even if technical things overwhelm you. There is a simple, maybe even ‘fun’ solution. You can be fuelled with prosperity, power and freedom. 

Power to take more control over your life and the ones you care about. This is not only about the money, it's a big step towards more sovereignty. This will leave you with more time to do the things you really enjoy.  

Deciding what is best for you on your terms.  Creating your own rules by standing firmly in what you believe in.  Knowing that this will have a ripple effect on our loved ones and humanity because it aligns with the natural law of prosperity.  
Date & Time:
Fri 19 - Sat 20 AUG:
@ 4 - 7 BST
@ 5 - 8 CEST

Replays available
(you don't have to attend live)
All workshop material will be available on this platform after logging in.

Pre recorded material.

Access to a signal group for extra support. 
Be your own bank and learn how to navigate decentralized cryptocurrency from scratch.

Accentuating the feminine approach, we will go at a slow and steady pace.

We also will avoid technical language and complexities as much as possible.

What you will learn during this 2 day Workshop:

Understanding and aligning with prosperity the feminine way. Overcoming blocks, obstacles and aligning with our desires.
Essential tips on internet privacy, crypto security and risk management.
What is crypto and how does it work?
Opening your own online wallet and setting up a Ledger wallet.
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Understanding the landscape of DeFi and what it entails.
Buying, sending and investing crypto.
Guaranteed Security using one of the most advanced encrypted systems on the market.
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Meet Your Instructors:

Vanessa Holliday

Vanessa is an Intuitive Creatress at heart, weaving a tapestry of sound, vibration and feminine Spirit. Vanessa explores conscious business and creative themes, helping others navigate new ways of working with crypto.

Maaike Deketele

Maaike has years of experience explaining technical things in a practical way adapted to the needs and pace of the user. Her heart lays in the woods where she is reminded ever more joyful ways of simply living natures way. ​
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