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Crypto Revolution:
Creating high-vibe Prosperity

The Global Economy teeters as governments around the world print more money. Economic uncertainty is reaching new highs. Is Cryptocurrency the solution?

This course gets you excited about economic sovereignty and building your own prosperity in an ethical, and simple way. In this 6-week journey, we cover everything from getting in the frequency of prosperity, the basics of Crypto and how to start building a well-informed portfolio today!
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Reclaim Financial Sovereignty

This course is intended to help you learn how to invest in cryptocurrency to create reliable prosperity in an ethical manner. It is aimed at heart-based people who want to experience economic freedom from the legacy financial system. 

Learn about what Cryptocurrency is

We will cover everything from the basics of navigating wallets, exchanges, different currencies and how to find the right ones for growth that align with your values

Discover financial freedom

When we educate ourselves correctly, Cryptocurrency allows us to make passive income so we can work less and make our money go further

Create our own economies

With decentralized finance, we can get out of the legacy financial structure and create micro-economies. Learn about how this is not only possible with Crypto – but possible in your life!

Become a smarter investor

We cover Cryptocurrency for a range of skill levels and provide options for people. Whether you want to buy crypto and leave it or actively trade daily to increase your profits, we teach you the right skills to get you going.

be part of an active crypto learning community!

This course teaches you the skills you need to experience success with Cryptocurrency. Each concept we explore will be directly applied to how the market works today. This makes for an exciting and engaging learning environment with real-world results.
Throughout this course you will discover:

  • What Cryptocurrency is and the opportunity it presents
  • How to simply navigate a confusing, high-stakes landscape
  • How to invest in a way that works for you
  • Keeping your investments safe by learning about digital privacy and cybersecurity
  • Getting your inner game right for holding wealth and creating prosperity
  • How to identify scams and risky Crypto investments
  • How to identify great investments with solid fundamentals
  • How to buy, sell and trade cryptocurrencies
  • How to trade and build a solid crypto portfolio
  • Using crypto as the basis for decentralized economies

Course opens on October 23, 2021 

October 28 to December 2, 2021

10 AM - 12 PM PST
11 AM - 1 PM MST
1 PM - 3 PM EST
6 - 8 PM BST

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David Khan
With Guest Vanessa Holliday

Entrepreneur, Business Coach &
Online Instructor
David Khan has been an entrepreneur since 2010.  He has spent hundreds, if not, thousands of hours learning about Crypto and distilling this information into an approachable method for investing that minimizes risk and creates lasting success.

David regularly helps business clients learn about opportunities in Cryptocurrency by educating them on reliable investment strategies.
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