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We breathe between 20,000-30,000 times a day. 
No matter what goal we have in mind or what feeling or state we want to achieve, breathing and awareness and control of it, can help us cope with any situation in life and feel good. 
Our breathing is the bridge between our subconscious and conscious mind.
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 Online Course

23 OCTOBER 2021

5 weeks


You are the captain of your soul...

Why should I train or become more aware of my breathing?

What I think we all have in common is that we want to actively shape our lives and not be the victim of our outside influences. 
To actively shape your life, you want to make clear decisions, feel and think clearly, and feel comfortable in your skin. And all of this starts with our breathing.... 
Do we want to actively shape our breathing or do we want it to react to the external influences and so do we?
At a glance, what you should know:

  • You will learn more than 15 breathing exercises for different situations
  • We learn the theory and practice and become theopractitioners
  • We learn in a group, as an open and safe space
  • We learn from and with each other 

What will be the learning structure?

#Breathe | #Read | #Learn together | #Improve

Course Opens on October 23th, 2021
Weekly theory will be unlocked and we will go through it together accordingly at the end of the week.
Live Sessions run from October 30th to November 27th, 2021
Live Calls will be Saturday 11 am - 1 pm UTC
4 am - 6 am PST
5 am - 7 am MST
6 am - 8 am CENTRAL/ CST
7 am - 9 am EST
1 pm - 3 pm CEST
7 pm - 9 pm WITA
12 pm - 2 pm BST
Each live call will be recorded and can also be viewed afterwards.
There will be a community Telegram group to connect even more regularly.
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Benjamin Reske

Intropreneur, Instructor, People-Challenger, Business Consultant, eternal Student


Benjamin is originally from Germany, but now lives in Bali. 
Already at a young age, he was aware that school and university can only teach him parts of what matters in life and what the universe and oneself are made of. 

We can become anything at any time and take on any identity we are willing to want. Conscious trial and error and having the courage to realize when enough is enough are attributes that let us experience and learn and perhaps answer the question: Who am I?
That's why he was interested in different fields and industries and tried a lot of things. 
From semi-professional motor-cross rider, to professional basketball player at a young age, to a bodybuilder, to owner of 8 companies in Germany, Benjamin has always been most interested in learning about himself, his body, mind and soul. 

So he learned and tried various forms of self-discovery, such as Breathwork, Meditation, Yoga, Akashic Reading, Frequency Treatments, Tarot, Astrology and more. 
None of this, however, was as pragmatic, effective and connected to each other and that was breathing. 

Every second that passes, we breathe. We can, especially in our times, want to deepen everything and break it down into its smallest parts and understand it. However, to be able to live contentedly and with full love, we usually need to breathe consciously and the rest will automatically fall into place or we will know what is most harmonious for us and our environment. 

We breathe, we love, we are in peace.

Course reviews

I can only recommend this course to anyone who often feels overwhelmed, the feelings often assault you or you want to go through your life more attentively. In the beginning, I thought I was breathing okay and that my breathing had little impact on my daily life. I breathe, I live. But in this course I realized that I breathe and I survive. Thank you Benjamin, you are a fascinating and multi-layered person who packs even unpleasant things warmly and peacefully.

Christian Lanzer, Hamburg

WOOOW! I have done Breathwork sessions from WimHof online a few times before and they were very fascinating. However, Benjamin's course, in comparison, was made more for my everyday life and being. I was also able to do many exercises with my children, which was mega fun. It connects and creates peace in everyday life, with the whole family. My husband I could also experience through it in more tender and calmer phases ;-) and especially through the fact that I was more aware and can respond better to him. THANK YOU, Benjamin!

Alma Marbella, Barcelona

Mother & self-employed
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