Lesson series

Boundaries without Guilt

After working with hundreds of clients in 2020, one common thread became crystal clear. Boundaries are challenging for many of us!

In this course, you will learn proven techniques to help you build strong, healthy boundaries without the guilt.

How can we be compassionate, kind and empathetic with others and simultaneously protect our personal energy?

How can we not take on other people’s stories as our own?

Do you feel depleted or drained after a day with the kids?

Is it getting harder to talk to that one family member or friend because of how much energy it takes to be supportive of him or her?


Starting date

April 3rd

Ending date

April 27th




4 weeks



What you are going to learn

Learn how to create and maintain healthy boundaries while STILL being kind, compassionate and loving.

Why should we work with boundaries?
Personally, I used to suffer from migraines, headaches, adrenal fatigue, immunodeficiency, skin issues, anxiety, depression, among other dis-eases.

Fast forward a few years...I no longer suffer from these issues and my boundaries are SOLID! How? I practice them DAILY.

I created this Boundaries without Guilt online course to make these daily practices user-friendly and accessible to all!

We are not cookie-cutter people! This is why I have compiled my years of research, education, trainings and PRACTICES into a four-week online course.

The information in this course has been proven time and time again with myself, my clients, and so many teachers, therapists and counselors I have trained with over the years.

I want to help you heal yourself. No one can do that for you. But, I am here to help if you’re ready to say YES to the beautiful and sacred being you are.

~  2+ playwork sheets per week
~ 2+ interviews or TED talks per week
~ 2+ guided meditations or exercises per week ~ Bonus Kundalini exercises on video for each of the 7 chakra centers
~ One topic video on Boundaries without Guilt per week
~ Self-Love Challenge for one full week
Daily wisdom teaching videos
Daily self-love activities
~ Complimentary clarity call with Andrea Sullivan, Certified Energy Therapist and Intuitive Life Coach
~ Access to private WhatsApp group
~ Lifetime access to all course material
~ Live 2-hour classes held via Zoom on Saturday 04/03 and Saturday 04/27 at 8:30am PST

Andrea Sullivan

Mother, Partner, Intuitive Healer, Certified Reiki & EFT Practitioner, Life Coach, Owner of Holistic Healing NV
About me
Andrea Sullivan holds a degree in Speech Pathology and Audiology from the University of Nevada, Reno School of Medicine with emphasis on Human Development, Family Studies and Developmental Disabilities. She has studied emotional intelligence and neurology to addiction intervention to mindfulness and grief. She utilizes a wide array of energy medicine techniques and therapeutic treatments to assist her clients in achieving the highest quality of life possible. www.holistichealingnv.com

Course reviews

After taking the Boundaries without Guilt course, I recognize that I had no boundaries! I am now practicing the boundary techniques every day and am giving myself grace through the learning part of my process.
L. L.
Small business owner
I really started to pay attention to the boundaries I have created…and realized…I haven’t really ever created them! With myself, my kids, my commitments. It was eye opening to realize I feel so spun out all the time because I’m literally just giving, giving, giving and not setting boundaries. And everyone in my family suffers from my reactions. Especially me. So happy to have had this perspective shift. My priority now is to focus on just feeling grounded and setting those boundaries.
S. L.
Mother of two
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