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Activated Passions for Aligned Business

Do you wish your deepest passions could lead to a fulfilling, thriving business? Creating wealth can be liberating, empowering and transformative.

This workshop is all about connecting with your deepest passions, discovering ways to be supported in those passions & conducting business in a way that feels perfectly aligned with who you are, how you work with others, and how that helps the world!

use your livelihood as a way to embody your passions!

The world is going through a MASSIVE shift right now and many of us are feeling called to do something about it. 

The answer is actually simple: be more of yourself, follow your deepest passions!

In this Workshop we will cover:

  • Learning to conduct business in alignment with nature and deep care
  • Removing mental and physical tension for increased focus and clarity
  • How to brand yourself authentically and communicate to the people who need your offering the most
  • Overcoming blocks/obstacles to receiving abundance and putting yourself out there
  • Finding ways to grow your business that enlivens you and avoids depleting your energy 
  • Finding your highest aim in life and business


Lifetime access to The Activated Passions 2 Hour Workshop Replay Video.


Practical Exercises to break down tension in the body &  articulate your deep passions.


Images & Notes that guide you through Discovering and Embodying your passions.


A guided audio track on Finding Communion.
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David Khan

Entrepreneur, Business Coach &
Online Instructor
David Khan has been an entrepreneur since 2010.  He has spent hundreds, if not, thousands of hours learning about aligned business and distilling this information into an approachable method for business that minimizes risk and creates lasting success.
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